Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Black is the New White! What you need to Know about Charcoal Toothpaste

Every new thing that comes in the market people starts grabbing it without knowing the pros and cons. Some end up happy and some end up with the bad reviews. That is why today’s article is written in order to give you much information about the new and trendy products that have activated charcoal in them.

The tills of the grocery stores are full of charcoal toothpaste, charcoal masks, charcoal supplements. Charcoal is all around the world. But what is that?
Assuming the situations
That pretty fine that we are having charcoal products can be used for the outer body like face. But is it safe to be used in toothpastes? Is it worthy to buy and use or its just a new trend?

Let we see what activated Charcoal is?
Detoxification id at boom these days, detoxifying water, detox for skin. In the same way the activated charcoal is the detoxifying agent in the form of powder.
It has deadly properties, that if a patient has taken poison. The doctors give the activated charcoal to the patient that allows the stomach to pump a lot while it stops the consumption of poison in the body. That shows that activated charcoal is not hazardous for the human body. The activated charcoal is made on the high temperature consuming the coal, coconuts and other few ingredients. After sometime they take the shape of small pores that helps in trapping the antioxidants. For better understanding the activated charcoal is negatively charged.

Working of activated charcoal
The activated charcoal works as a detoxifying agent that takes off all the toxins and chemicals from the pores if using on the skin and makes skin neat and clean.
Toothpastes with Charcoal
As mentioned earlier that charcoal is not a problematic agent for the body, it consists the cleaning properties. But the oral cavity like teeth, they are very sensitive in nature. We should better have a good understand of the usage of charcoal toothpastes in detail.
Tooth Enamel concern
Things are good for health but sometimes the more hygiene can kill the important bacteria that strengthen your immunity. The same way charcoal tooth pastes are. They are good for teeth; they will make your teeth white and shiny. Only bright and shiny in not the only concern of the teeth, teeth must be strong and healthy as well.

Continuous usage of charcoal toothpaste may damage the enamel of the teeth making tooth week and might get broken. It’s not something that is against the charcoal toothpaste makers. But definitely the common person has to know about the pros and cons of the things they are using.
It is something alarming situation where we can see most of the dentists would be having lines of patients with tooth problem.
The main factor if the toothpaste is having the RDA (Relative Dentin Abrasivity) does not buy that toothpaste.
Charcoal toothpaste and its acceptance
Charcoal toothpastes are new in the market and are in the establishing phase. You must have to see the ingredients before using it because it’s a strong agent that may result a chaotic situation where the teeth starts damaging. If you really need to buy the charcoal toothpaste you need to check about the contents of charcoal toothpaste search on internet. Check the ingredients properly and then you can use it.

It is advised that the charcoal toothpaste can be used once in a week after knowing the ingredients, otherwise you might have to consult the dentists for transplants of dentures. To avoid this deadly situation first search, understand and then use it. 

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